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      Yongkang GuYueHu Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd.
      Address: Fangtang Shimomura East Street,Yongkang,Zhejiang,China.
      TEL: 0086-0579-87210409
      Phone: 0086-13566792218
      ZIP: 321300
      Website: http://www.wiicooking.com
      Sticks tied straps as tying a dedicated machine to bring nails and knotted,one-handed operation to complete crop Bangwan action,easy operation,high efficiency,will not damage crops,widely used in Taiwan comfortable brand machines sticks tied Western countries have become the development trend of farming operations.
      Taiwan SUCA TEPETOOL family can not afford high-quality sticks tied with slag machine,reliable quality,stable performance,several provinces in mainland China has been dried tomatoes,cucumbers,grapes,flowers and other areas rapidly developed and applied by the majority of users favor.
      New generation of products chipless Bangwan gun
      1,saving labor,is hand Bangwan 3-4 times;
      2,Bangwan gun weight 500g,small and extremely easy to use;
      3,than the traditional J99 type,can save about 8% of the straps;
      4,Taiwan,production,quality assurance.
      First,the installation staples
      1,the body left hand,right hand pressed downward push Staple handle,pull backwards.
      2,picked up staples,nails nail foot toward the direction of the mouth concave pieces,put nail slot,and then push the Staple fitted,forward and stuck.
      3,in accordance with 200 604C type staples,or 150 604E-type staples.
      Second,open the cassette
      Body left hand,his right index finger and middle finger on top of the box with bayonet point,hold down the box thumb,index finger and middle finger and make a force,they can open the lid up.
      Third,the installation straps
      1,as described above to open the cassette,and as shown,mounting straps; then close the lid until it runs out this volume bandage.
      2,the body left hand,right hand put the bandage tape cartridge,and gently pull out the period,the head of the body through the gap,exposing strap 2 cm or so,so smooth bite bite hook.
      Fourth,drag straps
      1,with the appropriate force,push the handle to make the straps are not biting bite the hooked end.
      Note: When the hook bite after bite bandage did not end,do not press hard on the handle,or bite the hook will be restored to its original state,which led not to bite bandage.
      2,release the handles,straps will be dragged out.
      3,when you press hard on the handle,it will be the case: bite the hook will release the straps (which for Bangwan gun is not a problem). If this happens,please use the appropriate power once again pressing the handle will return to bite bite hook belt state. Note: Only when the bite is not hooked unable to bite bandage ends only when you can do it.
      Five,tying objects
      1,the alignment vine crops,from outside to inside trap strapped to the site.
      2,and then press firmly grip the needle penetrates the nail straps,and promptly release the handle; case,straps are cut,vine crops,the role of the staples tied with bondage.

      Adjust blocked staples and add oil
      1,demolition and pushdown Staple loading staples removed with a small screwdriver Qiaodiao blocked staples.
      2,when the body using the poor,according to the amount of oil added as shown. Note: Nail nail slots and a mouth that can not refuel.

      Replacement Blade
      1,when the blade becomes dull,and there is not enough to effectively cutting blade straps,you should replace it with a new blade.
      2,the left hand body and pressed with the left thumb nail groove end,at this time will be exposed upper part of the blade,blade clamp or pliers pulling out and inserting a new blade; careful to prevent damage to the blade edges.
      Note: The new blade is sharp,the replacement process must be very careful to avoid damage to your fingers. Need a new blade,you can buy Bangwan gun shop to buy,but you need to buy the same model gun with Bangwan blade.
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